Business, Design, Creativity

Quebec City has always been the seat of government as well as home to creatives, designers and entrepreneurs. But in the last 20 years, non-government business has expanded and has even found a home base in the St Roch District, the « North American downtown » sector of the city. With its restaurants, eclectic shops and cafés, this area has attracted video gaming companies, consulting firms, optics/photonics, bio-tech and food science companies and many more. These industries have helped establish the city as one of the most economically varied and stable in all of Canada. This entrepreneurial spirit does not stop at the city limits – many regions surrounding Quebec City, such as the Beauce, are renown as some of the most entrepreneurial areas in the country.


French has been spoken in Quebec since 1608. Even after the British conquest in 1759 and the 1763 Treaty of Paris which essentially saw the end of New France and the beginning of British North America, the French people maintained their language, their culture and their joie-de-vivre.

Quebec is an ideal place to learn or perfect your French. Contact us today to set in motion your next immersive French experience.

Hospitality & Food Culture

Quebec City plays host to millions of tourists every year. Its hostpitality industry is therefore very well-developed. The French Canadian menu has evolved much in the past 50 years. From it’s traditional meat pies, pig’s feet stew, and the famous Poutine, today’s tastes have evolved and local chefs are making a name for themselves on the North American stage.

Bring your hospitality and food programmes to Quebec City to add a truly cultural experience to your class.

Social Sciences

Quebec offers an incredible opportunity to study a very distinct French-Canadian culture within the English-speaking continent. It’s an opportunity not only to study in class, but to also live an experience in its culture, its politics, its history, its language. People are often surprised at Quebec’s resilience in the face of an overwhelmingly English society all around it. This is a thriving, creative, forward-looking culture that has nonetheless held on to its language and traditions.

Don’t just study culture – live it!