Slovenia is a country in central Europe. The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. The dialing code of the country is +386. Euro is the currency used here. The official languages spoken here are Slovenian, Italian and Hungarian. Slovenia is particularly famous for mountains, ski resorts and lakes. Latin is the official script used.


Let us take a count of factors of why you should study in Slovenia:

• The education system of Slovenia is quite great and the professors always take additional time to clear the doubts of their students.
• The majority of people in the country speak English. So, if you think you would have to learn a different language to survive there. Then that is not going to be the case.
• The expenses of living and accommodation are quite affordable and cost effective. There are student dormitories where you don’t have to pay a lot of amount. There are student dormitories where you don’t have to pay a lot of amount.
• The food of Slovenia is amazing and that too at very low prices. You can enjoy anything fancy at very low rates. Student discounts are available at almost every outlet.
• Recreation facilities in the country of Slovenia are also plenty in number. There are a lot of clubs and halls that you can join to amuse yourself.
• Slovenia has connection with many European nations and thus it can be of great use to you as you will get to have access to a lot of beautiful nations.

Study in Slovenia Requirements

To get admission to the University or college in Slovenia, you need to submit some of the important documents. These document requirements differ with the institution and course you choose. However, some of the common documents required for the admission purpose are:

• A filled-in application form.
• All the Educational certificates such as Secondary school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree (for post-graduation studies), master’s degree (for Ph.D. studies), and copies of other certificates.
• A certificate presenting your language proficiency skills( Slovenian language and/or English language)
• An attested copy of your passport.
• Motivation letter(statement of purpose)
• Letter of Recommendation: At least 2 recommendation letters from your home educational institution or recent employer.
• Professional experience certificate, if any
• Research proposal synopsis: For doctoral studies
• Portfolio of work (for artistic studies)

Top courses to study in Slovenia

You will get a lot of options in each field of study in Slovenia. No after from which academic background you belong, you will get the right choice of course options. Some of the popular studies for International students in Slovenia are:

• Study Computer and Information Science in Slovenia
• Study medicine in Slovenia
• Study management and administration in Slovenia
• Study economics in Slovenia
• Study engineering in Slovenia
• Study Law in Slovenia
• Study Psychology in Slovenia
• Study Architecture in Slovenia
• Study marketing in Slovenia
• Study Tourism in Slovenia

Top Universities in Slovenia

• University of Ljubljana
• University of Maribor
• University of Nova Gorica
• University of Primorska
• International School for Business and Social studies
• University of Novo Mesto
• Alma Mater Europea
• Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo Mesto
• DOBA faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies
• Faculty of Administration

PR in Slovenia

In order to get a PR in Slovenia, you must have lived for five continuous years on the basis of temporary residence permit. Besides these you need to have the following documents with you:

• Proof of civil status
• Passport
• Photos
• Proof of accommodation
• Proof of financial means
• Medical insurance
• Health insurance