Slovakia is an attractive and beautiful country located in the heart of Europe. The country is a vibrant and modern country that welcomes students from each part of the world. International Students looking for unique study abroad experience must choose Slovakia. Here is the complete guide for study in Slovakia.

Reasons to Study in Slovakia

• High Educational and Research Standards. ...
• Low Study and Living Cost. ...
• Effective Way to Learn a New Language. ...
• Increase Your Employment Prospects. ...
• Network for Your Future. ...
• Experience a New Culture. ...
• Several Scholarship Programmes.

Educational System in Slovakia

The higher education in Slovakia is provided by three types of institutions:

• Public - most of the schools for higher education belong to this group. They are funded by the government.
• State – military, police or medical schools. They are financed by corresponding ministries.
• Private – established and funded by non-governmental institutions, but accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Masters study programmes usually require between one and three years to complete. Normally, to obtain the the degree you will have to write a master thesis as well as pass a state exam.

The official language in the country is Slovak, but don’t worry if you still haven’t started with it. There are a number of institutions that offer Master courses in foreign languages – most often in English, but also is some cases – in German, French or Hungarian.


• Fully completed visa application form
• Two passport photographs
• Valid national passport & one copy
• Original of valid resident visa
• Confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage & one copy
• Proof of group travel/ hotel booking in Spain/ airline reservation for Slovakia & one copy
• Closed round-trip or tour ticket
• Current bank statement & one copy
• Reference letter from your employer/ education institution
• Document certifying the existence of commercial, industrial, or other
• Visa fees for Slovakia Visa.

How to study in Slovakia

The process of studying in Slovakia is not very complicated. You just need to take the steps carefully one after the other. Here we have mentioned the procedure of reaching Slovakia for your further studies.

• Browse through courses and universities in Slovakia and choose your best fit.
• Check the eligibility criteria and documents requirements of the university for that particular course.
• Take the required exams and Collect all the documents as mentioned.
• Fill the application form and submit it along with the other documents.
• If your university accepts your application. It will issue an offer letter.
• Once you receive your offer letter start preparing for your student visa.
• If your visa application gets approval, pack your bags and fly to Slovakia for your further studies.


• There are 20 public and 10 Private Universities. Most courses are taught in English
• Internationally accredited courses with QS ranking standard
• Slovakian Economy is one of the emerging economical zones amongst Central Europe.
• Job portal is easy to be accessed because of Schengen Visa
• Nominal Fees Structure and Cost of living

Top courses to study in Slovakia

You will find your study program in Slovakia very easily. As it has many courses in each field of study. Here are the popular courses to study in Slovakia for Indian students :

Study Psychology in Slovakia
Study Finance, Banking, and Investment in Slovakia
Study Civil Engineering Structures in Slovakia
study medicine in Slovakia
Study Architecture in Slovakia
Study Marketing and Management of Business in Slovakia
Study Construction Management and Information Systems in Slovakia

Admission Requirement

• Valid Passport
• Academic Documents ( Notarized)
• Letter of Recommendation ( 2no’s)
• Resume(Updated)
• University Application Form
• Statement of Purpose
• Passport size photo (12 no’s)