There are many reasons to study in Netherlands for Indian students some of them are:

• English Taught Programs
Netherlands has the highest course to offer that is taught in the English language in Europe. Almost all the programs taught in the Dutch language in Netherlands are also taught in the English language. Almost 70% of the Netherland population speaks English, hence the fear of feeling left out should not bother you there.

• Quality Programs and Affordable Fees
The degree programs of the Netherlands gave global recognition. And these globally recognized degrees are available at very affordable prices. The cost of studying in Netherlands is very low as compared to the cost of studying in other European countries or countries like the US and UK.

• Affordable Accommodation
Affordable accommodation is one of the most prominent reasons for choosing the Netherlands for studying abroad. With globally recognized universities and degrees, the Netherlands also offers affordable accommodation to its international students.

• Welcoming Environment
The population of Netherlands is very welcoming and open-minded for its international students. Therefore the fear of feeling left out or fear of being alone would not disturb you as the people in Netherlands are very friendly.

• Unique Teaching Style
The Dutch teaching methods and styles are very unique if we compare them with teaching styles of other countries. The universities of Netherlands provide interactive and student-centric teaching styles that will eventually help its national and international students to develop analyzing skills, problem solving, valuable skills, and creative thinking.

Study in Netherlands Requirements

To be accepted into a Dutch University, international students are required to submit some documents during the application process. After evaluating your Documents, the university makes the decision of your admission. The requirements will change with the Universities and courses you choose. However, the following documents are generally required:

• A valid passport
• Academic transcripts
• Passport photographs
• To prove your English Language abilities you will be asked to give English Language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL etc.
• Standardized entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT etc(if required)
• Letter of Recommendation
• Statement of purpose
• Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
• Portfolio (if required)

Higher Studies in Netherlands

The higher education system in the Netherlands is divided into two types: the Universities of Applied science and the traditional Universities. The Universities of applied science are more about science and Engineering and are research-oriented. Since 2002, the Higher Studies in the Netherlands are divided into three levels studies: Bachelor’s, Masters in Netherlands, and Ph.D. There is a number of courses, in the English language, for the masters in the Netherlands. Universities in Netherlands are some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, and they have been constantly keeping up with the international standards of education. Here are the courses to choose from in the wide range, for Masters in the Netherlands.

Courses in Netherlands

As we have mentioned, there are a number of courses to pursue masters in the Netherlands. The Universities have been featured in the worldwide listings. They follow the “bologna process” and have the standardized three levels of higher education. Here are some courses to pursue Masters in Netherlands.

Masters's in the Netherlands

From agriculture to business management, and Environment to hospitality, there is a number of courses available in the Netherlands. Here are some of the best courses to study for master's in Netherlands:

• March in Netherlands: Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, TU Delft
• Study Pg Medicine in Netherlands: Biosystem Engineering, Wageningen University, and Research Center
• MS in Mechanical Engineering in Netherlands: MSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Twente
• Computer Science Masters in Netherlands: MSc in Computer Science, University of Utrecht

List of Universities in Netherlands for Masters:

There are a number of Universities in Netherlands for the master's programs, many of them (14 to be precise) are listed in World University Rankings. Here are some of the Top Universities in Netherlands for the Master's, preferred most by International students.

Here are the Top Universities in Netherlands for MS, and other Master’s Programs:

• University of Amsterdam
• Erasmus University Rotterdam
• University of Twente
• Leiden University
• TU Delft

How to Apply For Masters in Netherlands

Applying to a University in Netherlands is not a complex process at all. There are some general requirements of the Documents for the master. With the right documents, the application process is typically seamless.

Documents Required for Masters in Netherlands:

• A Valid Passport
• Birth Certificate
• Passport Size Photographs
• Letters of Recommendation
• Certificates, Diplomas, and Degree of Previous Education
• Application Essay / SOP
• Resume / CV
• Proof of Monetary Funds

Other than that, there are entrance exams like GMAT and GRE, and proof of language proficiency.

The application deadlines for Netherlands fall in June-July for summer, and January-February for winter. Some Universities have specific deadlines, and some have no deadlines for Masters in Netherlands.