One of the most stunning and distinctive nations in the world is Malta, a tiny archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has become a popular tourist spot with something to offer everyone because of its breathtaking beaches, rich history, and distinctive culture.


• Wonderful study abroad destination with English-speaking region
The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. Studying abroad can be difficult for students who feel nervous about living in unknown surroundings for a longer duration. For students who might feel less confident in an unknown environment, Malta is a marvellous destination with a high-quality lifestyle in Mediterranean island. Most of the universities in Malta organize several student activities throughout a year that will help you to know other local and international students and also know about Maltese history and culture.

• Supportive and safest countries in the world
Malta is a beautiful country with a beautiful architectural and historical monument, with friendly locals. Malta has been named the safest place to live in Europe. According to the review of 2023 Global Wealth Migration, published by the New World Health, Malta ranked second globally and first in Europe.

• Low cost of living
Prices on the island are generally very reasonable, whether students are looking at rent, food, transport, or general living expenses. Study in Malta for international students can be a very inspiring experience as living expenses in Malta is comparatively lower from the rest of the EU. As international students, your monthly living expenses can come around 1500 Euro per month. Also, most of the university in Malta offers good and low rate accommodations to their students.

• Work while studying
In Malta, students are allowed to work 20 hours per week while they are studying. Students can start working part-time after 90 days of arrival in Malta on their valid study visa. Students have to attend their classes for a minimum of 15 hours per week during work while study period. In 2023, according to the research, the national minimum wage in Malta remained fixed at 700 € per month.

• Students can get 70% fees back!
Once a student completes their degree in Malta, they can claim their 70% as Tax refund. After completing their course, once students are in the work permit, they can claim 70% fees as Tax refund under the Maltese Government’s Get Qualified Scheme. Almost 70 % of the tuition fee can be claimed. However, it depends on students’ performance and other factors while the candidate is in Malta.

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How to study in Malta

The procedure to study in Malta is simple. You will have to follow a fixed procedure. Here, we have mentioned 7 easy steps for you :
• Research online and Choose a suitable university and course in Malta.
• Check the eligibility criteria and documents requirements for the specific course
• Fill the application form correctly and submit it along with the other supporting documents.
• Once the Maltese university accepts your application, it will issue an admission letter.
• After receiving the admission letter, apply for a student visa.
• Get your visa and prepare your departure
• Arrive in Malta and attend your classes.

Top courses to study abroad in Malta

There are several courses to choose from to study in Malta. In each study field, there is something open for international students. Some of the popular courses to study in malta for Indian students and other international students are:

• Study MBA in Malta
• study medicine in malta
• Study Engineering in Malta
• Study Arts & Design in Malta
• Study Films & Media in Malta
• Study Tourism in Malta
• Study Law in Malta
• Study business in Malta
• Study Computer Science in Malta

Study in Malta without IELTS

Generally, there is thought that international students would need to submit their IELTS score for admission to the universities of Malta. Students see this as a big barrier in their study abroad in Malta. But the good news is you can also study in Malta without IELTS.

With the help of Medium of Instruction letter (MOI), you can take admission in your desired courses without IELTS. A Medium of Instruction letter is a document that confirms the language of instruction used throughout your last degree or education programme is English. Here are the 5 top universities that do not have a mandatory TOEFL/IELTS requirement.

• American University of Malta
• Global College Malta
• The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
• The London School of Commerce Malta
• Learn key Malta

Study in Malta requirements

To take admission to Maltese University, you will need to fill the university application form. Universities also ask for a few supporting documents for verification purpose. Each institute has different requirements according to the course you choose. However, some of the common requirements to gain admission to a university in malta are:

• Filled Application form
• All the previous Educational certificates and mark sheets.
• Passport
• English languages proficiency tests scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL
• Statement of Purpose
• Letter of Recommendation
• Work experience certificate(if any)
• C.V / resume
• Portfolio

Study in Malta requirements

International students might profit from studying in Malta in a number of ways. They consist of:

Education Quality: The universities and colleges in Malta are renowned for their excellent academic programmes and faculty members.
Tuition Affordability: Malta offers an appealing alternative for students on a tight budget because its tuition costs are typically lower than those of other European nations.
Hospitality: Malta is renowned for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which makes it an excellent location for international students to study and live.
Cultural and Historical Attractions: As a nation with a lengthy history and vibrant culture, Malta provides students with a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular exploration and learning.
Malta is a wonderful alternative for students looking for an educational and memorable study abroad experience, thanks to its diverse programme offerings, low tuition, and welcoming environment.