Why Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is a popular country in Europe. Here we will present you the reasons for helping you to take decision of studying in Lithuania.

• Lithuanian universities charge lower tuition fees than most of the popular international study destinations such as the US and UK. The cost of living in Lithuania is also cheaper.
• Lithuania has more than 24 colleges and 22 universities. These offer internationally recognized academic programs and qualifications.
• Lithuania is a mixture of old traditions and modern charm. While studying in Lithuania, you can get a fantastic experience of both.
• You can also get an opportunity to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week, which will help you support your living expenses in Lithuania.

Why study in Lithuania

1. High educational standards and Quality.
Lithuania is home to excellent universities and colleges, as they have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education. Even in the 16th century, when the oldest university was found, it has played an extremely significant role in the educational and cultural life not only of Lithuania but the neighbouring countries as well. Lithuanian Universities graduates are widely approved across the world for their knowledge and skills.

2. Inspiring and comfortable learning environment.
Many institutions of higher education are well equipped with superb research, literature, computing, technology facilities. Students have the best conditions to carry out their research in a convenient environment and with highly reputable professors. Many international students feel great pleasure and honour to study in our Universities.

3. Internationally valuable and recognized diplomas.
Gaining a diploma in Lithuania is an undoubtedly key factor for a successful career worldwide, which will open up the very best opportunities in your lives. We have made significant changes in our higher education system to facilitate and accommodate international students. Lithuania has implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which makes it easier for international students to make their existing qualifications compatible with the national credit system.

4. Wide choice of degree programs.
The range of study programs, options and qualifications offered by Lithuanian universities is wide and diverse. Thus you will have the perfect opportunity for personal development and implementation of professional dreams.

5. Tuition fees and living expenses are reasonable.
The tuition fees and living costs in Lithuania are relatively low compared to the other European countries.

6. Accommodation availability
Accommodation availability is an extremely important issue for foreign students. That is why higher education institutions of Lithuania provide accommodation in their halls of residence to ~87 per cent of student population. Finding a place to rent in the private sector is also easy!

7. Mobility opportunities.
Lithuanian institutions of higher education are active participants in various international programs. They consistently develop links with higher education schools abroad, which finally serve as a basis for student, teacher and scientist exchange projects. Lithuanian Universities actively participate in Erasmus Mundus program which enables students to extend their cultural knowledge even wider.

8. Rich culture.
The country possesses a rich cultural and historical heritage. The Old Town of Vilnius is even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Furthermore, the geographical centre of Europe is located just a few miles from Vilnius! Jazz festivals, international theatre events, world-known singers performances are being held throughout the year all over Lithuania. You will definitely find what you are looking for!

9. Welcoming people.
Lithuanians are kind, friendly and hospitable people. We like learning foreign languages and discover new things about different cultures. The population of Lithuania is one of the most educated in Europe. You will definitely find great friends here and the network of classmates that you can build up while studying in Lithuania will definitely become an invaluable asset for your future career.

10. Lithuania has the fastest broadband in the whole of Europe!
Recent global broadband Internet studies show that Lithuania has got the fastest Internet in Europe as well as is one of the leading countries in terms of Internet service quality in the world.

There are many many other things that make Lithuania an attractive destination to study in – we invite you to come and discover them! Moreover, we are sure that studying in Lithuania will change the perception of your life permanently.


If a student is willing to study in Lithuania within the first cycle i.e, the Bachelor's program at a better educational institution in Lithuania, they will have to possess a Maturity certificate or the same qualification. To be admitted to the second-cycle university program student ought to hold a Bachelor's degree or the same qualification generally within the respective field. So as to enter the third cycle university studies i.e, Doctoral, also as residency, postgraduate arts studies, the student has to have either a Master's or a corresponding degree within the respective study field

Documents required for Lithuanian study visa

• Completed Electronic visa form with one recent passport size photograph that has to be colorful with white background.
• A valid travel document i.e passport and the passport's period of validity must not exceed the validity period of the requested visa by a minimum period of six months
• A confirmed air ticket reservation
• To study in Lithuania requires valid insurance covering the duration of stay along with its copy
• Registration certificate of the scholastic institution in Lithuania
• Mediation letter from the high school institute in Lithuania
• Means of subsistence within the Republic of Lithuania with minimum last 3 months original checking account statements or payslips etc.

Living in Lithuania

Lithuania is placed amongst the top 40 countries in the world for quality of life and among the top 10 cheapest European countries to live in. The cost of living in Lithuania is not very high for foreign students though it depends on their lifestyles. According to the calculations, the average monthly living expenses per student is (EUR)€300 to (EUR)€600 including accommodation. Discounts are available for students in Lithuania. In order to get the discount, students must hold a Lithuanian student identity card (LSIC) along with an international student identity card (ISIC). The International student identity card is not compulsory, but allows you to get access to more discounts. The Lithuanian student identity card is issued by the Lithuanian student union (LSS) and this card is valid only in Lithuania.

Education System in Lithuania

Higher education studies in Lithuania are conducted according to degree and non-degree study programmes. There are two types of study programmes: university and college.
Studies are organized in three cycles:

the first cycle – Professional Bachelor’s or University Bachelor’s studies,
the second cycle – Master’s studies, and the third cycle –Doctoral studies.
Studies can be of different intensity: full-time and part-time.


• 10th CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary).
• 12th CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary)
• DEGREE CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary)
• INDIVIDUAL MARKSHEETS (Attested By Public Notary)
• PROOF OF ENGLISH (get a letter from the college stating medium of instruction is English ) (As And When Available)
• PASSPORT. (Attested By Public Notary)