Planning for Latvia!! Well, our is the best visa consultancy for Latvia. Latvia is officially known as “The Republic of Latvia” was founded in 1918; it is a country with one of the most breathtaking landscapes and natural sightseeing. This marvel country is of northeastern Europe and middles of three Baltic States, Latvia has approximately a population of 19.4 lacks people. Geographically at one end, it has vast crystal clear sea beaches, and at the same time also covered with dense forests. It’s An Emerging tourist as well as an international student’s new favorite destination. So if you are planning a holiday or even the study your search ends we are the best visa consultancy for Latvia

Why Study in Latvia?

When it comes to studying abroad, Latvia remains an admirable country as it has a great Education System. Students can find jobs relevant to their graduation based on their expertise and knowledge, so they should keep enhancing their skills which can be proved as a ladder to their success. Students can legally do 20 hours per week part-time job along with their studies. The cost of living is very low in Latvia compared to the standard of living. More than 5,500 International Students enroll in Latvian Universities every year.

Further are more reasons why studying in Latvia is a good option for International Students:-

• Many wonderful programs are offered to international students.
• Latvian degrees are globally acknowledged.
• Latvia has a reasonable cost of living.
• It's economically a rich country, so students have many future opportunities.
• An amazing atmosphere for academic life that motivates students.
• The tuition fee is less compared to other countries.
• It provides scholarships to brilliant students.
• Availability of different fields of study. So Latvia offers choices in programs. Students can select the course as per their engrossment.
• The wide job market for international students.

Requirements to Study in Latvia

Eligibility Criteria
For a study period longer than 90 days, students require a study visa. The visa is granted to the students who have already received the acceptance letter, also known as an offer letter from the university. The European countries themselves convince the International graduates to continue their stay after university, which means they have many job opportunities. Latvian Education System is well-respected all over the world.

A set of documents which a student needs to prepare before applying for a Latvia Study Visa. Students must be very careful because a single mistake can be a reason for Visa rejection from the embassy. In addition, there can be additional requirements depending upon the University or College, so confirm the requirements before applying.

Following are the required documents for a study visa:-
• Students must have an original valid Passport.
• They must carry a Passport-sized photograph with white background and 35X45 cm in size.
• They need Academic Documents, including 10th and 12th DMC's, Graduation Certificates and Graduation DMC's.
• Students must clear any of the below English Proficiency Certificate.
------> PTE
------> TOEFL
------> IELTS
• Curriculum Vitae is also required.
• The student must have a police clearance certificate.
• Students must get their original bank certificate with at least Rs 4 lacs as financial proof.
The bank certificate must show the student's name, date of birth and passport number.
Students must issue an International debit card from the same bank.
• Other required documents are:-
------> Application form
------> Invitation letter.
------> Guarantee letter.
------> Admission letter.


• The Student Visa is renewable.
• Erasmus exchange programme available.(students can exchange their programs to all European union EXAMPLE- Germany, Norway, Finland, Spain etc)
• The literacy rate is 99.8%.
• Minimum documents required for the visa.
• Latvian universities especially Riga offers good transport connections to the rest of Europe, rather cheap cost of life, nice attractions, multilingual and multicultural city, an original and even exotic destination but safe, etc.
• Latvia may be a budget place in your program, what makes you stay in Latvia a reachable luxury.
• You can even certainly save money compared to other European countries.


• Bachelor/Master/Phd Programs are available.
• Low Cost of Living Rs. 15000/ month.
• 5000 USD funds required for the visa.
• 2 years Master’s eligible for the PhD further.
• Internship options are available for some programs.
• Easy Visa Processing.
• Attractive Tuition Fees.
• 20 Hrs of Part-time work allowed.
• Government-approved Universities.
• On-campus accommodation.

Education in Latvia

Latvia has a variety of public and private higher education options for a country of just over two million people, with 59 universities and schools. Foreign-language programs span a wide array of subjects, from architecture to social sciences.

Medical studies and qualifications in the aviation sector in particular are the country’s most common choices for study. The higher education is academic and professional in Latvia.

Most of the higher education institutions offer both academic and professional higher education qualifications.

Academic higher education programmes are focused on training graduates for individual research, as well as to provide theoretical background for professional activities, where students have to write a thesis at the end stage of their Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.

Professional higher education programmes Emphasis on having in-depth expertise in a specific area, training graduates for programs, products and technology design or development. After secondary school, the length of professional / vocational study programs is not less than 4 years and not less than 2 years after college education.

Degrees offered in Universities of Latvia are:

• Undergraduate: Bachelor’s, varies between 3 to 4 years to complete.
• Graduate Master’s degree: this takes 1 to 2 years of full time studies to complete
• Doctoral degree / PhD: This takes 3 years to complete



1. 10th CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary).
2. 12th CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary)
3. DEGREE CERTIFICATE (Attested By Public Notary)
4. INDIVIDUAL MARKSHEETS (Attested By Public Notary)
5. PROOF OF ENGLISH (get a letter from the college stating medium of instruction is English ) (As And When Available)
6. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) [Need Not Be Signed]
9. PASSPORT. (Attested By Public Notary)