Study in Ireland: Ireland is known as the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’. Ireland’s reputation for high-quality education has made the nation a frontrunner in the education sector. The country’s long and acclaimed tradition of excellence in providing high-quality education has got recognition from the world. Historically, Ireland has been one of the eminent seats of education in Europe. It retains the reputation till date with successive modern governments attaching equal regard and importance to education.

Reasons to Study in Ireland for International Students

Quality Education:
Ireland is home to some of the world's leading universities, such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and National University of Ireland Galway. These universities offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields. Moreover, Irish institutions provide top-notch facilities, faculty, and research opportunities to their students, which make them well-equipped to handle the challenges of the professional world.

Affordable Education:
One of the biggest advantages of studying in Ireland is the affordability of education. Compared to other English-speaking countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia, tuition fees in Ireland are much lower. Additionally, Ireland offers numerous scholarships, bursaries, and grants for international students, which helps them ease the financial burden of studying abroad.

Safe and Welcoming Environment:
Ireland is known for its friendly, welcoming, and inclusive culture. As an international student, you'll find it easy to settle into Irish life, thanks to the warm and welcoming nature of the locals. Additionally, Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world, with low crime rates and a well-established healthcare system.

Vibrant Student Life:
Ireland is renowned for its vibrant student life, with numerous clubs, societies, and events that cater to every interest. From sports and music to arts and culture, there is always something happening on campus. Furthermore, Ireland is home to a thriving international student community, which allows you to make friends from around the world and experience new cultures.

Post-Study Work Opportunities:
After completing studies, Ireland offers excellent post-study work opportunities for international students. Graduates are eligible to apply for a one-year work permit, which can be extended to two years for graduates with a Master's degree. Moreover, Ireland has a growing economy, with numerous job opportunities in various fields, including technology, finance, and healthcare.

What to Study in Ireland?

Ireland is the home for global business and there are many programs offered in various disciplines rooting to the international business and industries. Some exciting programs for you offered in Ireland are,

• Business Administration
• Business Analytics
• Occupational Therapy
• Pharmaceutical Technology
• Entrepreneurship and Management

Technology courses are well happening and preferred in Ireland. Few courses include,

• Data science
• Big Data
• Computer Science
• Cyber Security
• Cloud Computing
• Digital Marketing
• Software Engineering
• Artificial Intelligence

Not just limited to these, there are lots of programs that meet your interest to study in. plan your education in Ireland and incept a prospective life.

Benefits of studying in Ireland

Some of the reasons that benefit you for studying in Ireland are,

• Excellent Education System
• Top-notch Education at low cost
• Chance to learn a new language
• Study in one of the globally acclaimed institutions
• Meeting people from various walks of life
• Internationally recognized degree
• Enjoying a diversified culture
• Studying in a country which is the home to international business
• Scholarships for international students
• Enormous job opportunities

These are some of the tangible benefits for international students who plan their education in Ireland. Adding to these, there is stay back option post-education for international students to work there right after completing their education. Great isn’t it? Get on to the registration process to apply to the renowned institutions in Ireland.

Study in Ireland: Scholarships Decoded!

As enriching and exciting as it might be to study abroad, one needs to keep an open eye on the budgeting side of the experience as well. Applying for Scholarships and Bursaries might just look like a daunting task but, in the long term all the hard work is as much worth it as getting accepted in your dream program.

The Government of Ireland and Colleges offer plethora of Full and Partial Scholarships to international and Indian Students in a bid to increase the number of non-EU students. Additionally, the good bi-lateral relationship between the two countries and the demand for research in innovative fields of study has paved way for increased financial assistance in research driven fields of study. Therefore, without further adieu, here’s a list of few scholarships that one might consider when applying for courses in Ireland:

The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

1) Scholarships are awarded to high caliber undergraduate and postgraduate students from non-EEA countries to study in Ireland for one year and involve a €10,000 stipend and tuition fee waiver.

2) The Walsh Fellowship
For postgraduate students working on projects related to Teagasc Research and Knowledge Transfer Program, primarily in the fields of food, crops, animal and grasslands, environment, economics and rural development. This fellowship commemorates the late Dr. Tom Walsh contribution in the field of agriculture and food research in Ireland.

3) Scholarships by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)

4) Dublin Business School Scholarships and Discounts

Range from EURO 1,000 to 1500.

5) National University of Ireland, Galway Scholarships

• Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarship for Indian Students at NUI Galway

Applications for the scholarship are welcomed from Indian students seeking to enter one of the selected taught Master’s programsat NUI Galway commencing September 2019.

• Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship for Indians at NUI Galway

Two Freyer Scholarships, comprising a full fee waiver are available. These scholarships are aimed at all academicprograms. Applications for the scholarship are welcomed from Indian students that have received an offer and have confirmed acceptance of same via payment of an acceptance deposit for any of the selected taught Master’s programs at NUI Galway commencing September 2019.

Ireland Education System

Ireland's education system is hailed across the world for both its quality and quantity. The country offers a broad array of courses, ranging from sciences to commerce to arts, making it an ideal choice to study in Ireland for Indian students. Ireland’s higher education system is classified into 4 major categories for specialized training and academic growth of the students.

(A) Universities
There are a total of 9 universities to study in Ireland for Indian students offering degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels.

(B) Institutes of Technology
Ireland hosts a total of 14 Institutes of Technology that offer a variety of programmes at degree, national diploma and national certificate levels.

(C) Colleges of Education
Ireland has set up 5 Colleges of Education for primary school teachers. These colleges offer 3-year full time programmes leading a B.Ed. degree.

(D) Independent Third Level Colleges
These are colleges that offer certificate, diploma, and degree programmes recognized by the country’s national certification authority.