The country is bordered by all the sides with different countries, these are Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Austria. Czech Republic is situated in the middle of the European continent and also part of the ECU. This country is the member state of the European Union and is regarded as the second wealthiest country among eastern European countries where the first position with regard to this is bagged by Slovakia. Apart from this, the country has generated many great personalities which include entrepreneurs as well.


1. An opportunity to experience their amazing culture
Rather than just formal education, the country is offering a lot more to international students. With the great history of amazing cultures and social conditions, the country is a great home for international students to pursue their higher education. The oldest university in central Europe, named Charles University, is in this country.

2. World-famous universities with excellent academic track records.
There are several other famous universities, including Masaryk University and the Czech Technical University. All of them are world-famous and have been attracting thousands of students each year from different countries. Academical excellence of the country is much better than some of the leading European countries.

3. Higher education is completely free
The higher education in the country is completely free by law, and you won’t be charged any tuition fees if you study in any of the public universities. This offer is available for both domestic and international students without any limitations.

4. Affordable living costs
The living cost of the country is very affordable for everyone, and you can also apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). It will give you great discounts at restaurants, book stores, and other places.

5. Plenty of scholarships
International students are eligible for several scholarships, including those offered by specific institutions and the European Union. The Czech government offers financial aid scholarships to study in Czech Republic for Indian students and other international students through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and within the framework of the Foreign Development Aid.

Facts about the Czech Republic

• The Czech Republic is located in the heart of “Europe” and gives you a great opportunity to delve into European culture.
• The country is rich in cultural diversity, and it includes Slavic, Germanic, and Jewish communities.
• Watched Game of Thrones? You will experience similar landscapes and structures all over the cities of the Czech Republic, and it is a great visual treat.
• With more than 2000 castles, Czech Republic has the highest castle density in the world. You will be having a great time with them.
• The astronomical clock in Prague was installed in 1410, making it the oldest in the world.

The education system of the Czech Republic

This nation is rewarded for being one of the favourite nations for international students who wish to study abroad. The education system prevailing in the country highlights its great academic features by putting light on the highly qualified faculty who assist people especially the international students in order to take part in all kinds of educational and social activities to be similar with the classmates.

Education Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission to a degree in the Czech Republic, the following is required:

• To apply for a Bachelor’s: you need a secondary school graduation certificate
• To apply for a Master’s: you need a Bachelor’s diploma
• To apply for a PhD: you need a Master’s diploma
• It is important that the diploma must be recognised by the Czech authorities, to submit an application for recognition of the previous studies.

Admission Requirements

Once you meet the admission requirements, all the necessary documents mentioned below are required to be submitted. In order to apply to a university in the Czech Republic, it is necessary to send the documents by post. The entrance exam fee is around 20 EUR. Transcript of records
Statement of purpose (SOP)
Letter of recommendation
Copy of your passport
Language test results scores like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
Updated CV or Resume

Employment opportunities for international students

International students willing to study in the Czech Republic will also get a chance to work with a post-study work visa which will permit the international students to work for a limited period. An elevation in students' business life is expected after completion of study in the Czech Republic as students will get internships as per their educational accomplishments.

Stay in Czech Republic after study

After completion of the study program in Czech Republic, you can stay in the country. You can opt for any one of the options given below to stay back in Czech Republic after your studies:
• You can apply for the next level of higher education, such as opting for a Master's degree after the Bachelor Degree.
• You can apply for a long-term residence for 9 months and seek a job or start any business in the Czech Republic.
The students are eligible for a work permit in Czech Republic once they graduate from a university. However, non-EU students are recommended to look for a permanent job in Czech Republic before the completion of their study program. Students need to prove that they have secured permanent employment, which is best suited according to their qualifications. Share this post

Best Courses to Study in Czech Republic for international students

The country has a broad spectrum of options for the study programs. International students can find a suitable course in Czech Republic. Here are a few popular courses in Czech Republic among international students:

1. Study Economics in Czech Republic
2. Study medicine in Czech Republic
3. Study international management in Czech Republic
4. Study Dentistry in Czech Republic
5. Study Architecture and Urban Design in Czech Republic
6. Study culinary arts in Czech Republic
7. Study Computer information system in Czech Republic
8. Study nursing in Czech Republic
9. Study Business and Law in the international market in Czech Republic
10. Study Journalism and Communication in Czech Republic