The higher education location of Austria unites three very important aspects: a great number of high quality tertiary education institutions in all nine federal provinces, a long academic tradition and an open-minded atmosphere for creativity and innovation. In many areas the Austrian institutions have institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained high reputation

The Austrian educational system offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, making Austria an ideal place for studying and living.

Why study in Austria?

Although the overall size of Austria as a country is small, it is hardly a reason not to study in Austria for higher education. There are a number of reasons why international students study in Austria, which is roughly the size of a US state. Following is the list of the benefits of studying in Austria:

• Affordable and convenient education
Many students prefer to study abroad in Austria due to the relatively inexpensive education system. The country offers a more relaxed and comfortable curriculum where students can take their time. The cost of the courses is also cheaper than in many other countries.

• German language study opportunities
Most universities expect students to take German language classes along with their semester credits. Studying here will help students learn German, one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, and a useful tool for finding a job in Germany and Austria.

• Courses in English
Most universities offer programs taught in English, which provides greater convenience for students.

• Rich culture and heritage
Austria is synonymous with classical music, UNESCO World Heritage sites, historical landmarks, music, literature, and much more. The environment is attractive to students.

• Affordable cost of living
Austria offers affordable travel and accommodation costs for students. Food is also cheaper than in many other countries.

Studying at a university in Austria

For such a small country, the excellence of Austria’s universities is recognised worldwide. Many of them rank highly in international university rankings, ensuring you of a good quality education should you decide to study here. As well as that, the bonus for students originating elsewhere in the European Union is that tuition at any of the public universities is free. Even if you are coming from a country outside the EU, the fees are very reasonable and lower than many in the rest of Europe - with around 1,500 EUR per year. The private universities can set their own rates which can be considerably higher, but there is so much choice for international students, you are sure to find one that suits your budget and your educational aspiration.

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the German-speaking world as it was founded in 1365, and is perfectly placed in a town famous for its culture as well as nightlife. Associated with 15 Nobel Prize winners, and has nearly 200 different degree programmes to choose from, many of them taught in English.

Living in Austria as a student

Many international students have chosen to study in Austria for a Bachelors or Masters degree; on average, around 15% of the student body come from abroad, ensuring a diverse and multicultural study environment. Although the cost of living is moderate throughout Austria, the standard of living is among the highest in Europe. And students often also receive discounts for travel, entrance fees, and even sports activities.


• Mandatory work-based internships.
• Mandatory units for career-training.
• No German language skills are required.
• Austria is perfectly located for post-program travel adventures around Europe.
• Exchange students receive highly personalized attention during the program and in-country support.
• The visa is multiple entries and valid for the period of study as approved by the educational institution in Austria.
• Exchange students have the opportunity to take highly specialized course tracks in Austria within sports, music, science, economics, and agriculturally oriented schools.


• Official English version of all educational documents including marks sheets.
• Your school/college leaving certificate.
• English version of your all educational documents including mark sheet.
• The test score of a language test you have taken
• Motivation letter
• Passport photo
• Copy of your passport
• Reference letter
• Please note that all copies must be certified by a public notary

Entry Requirements to Study in Austria

To study in Austria you have to qualify the eligibility criteria which is required by the admission department of all the universities/ colleges. They are mentioned below.
• Fill the Application Form – The application form for the university you wish to study in can be downloaded from the university’s homepage. Interested candidates must fill in their personal information as well as the program they wish to study.
• Proof of Nationality – Candidates interested in applying to universities in Austria must provide their proof of nationality with a copy of official ID along with a photo. Candidates must also submit their valid travel documents
• University Entrance – There are different requirements for different programs.
---> For Bachelor and Diploma Degree Courses: Candidates must submit copies of their Secondary School Examination or any other equivalent.
---> For Master’s Program: Candidates applying for a Master’s program in Austria need to submit copies of their Bachelor’s degree and their Secondary School Examination mark sheet or any other equivalent.
---> For Doctoral Studies: To get admission in a Doctoral studies program candidates will be required to submit copies of their master’s degree along with their bachelor’s degree.
• Entrance Exam – Certain universities will require students to sit for an entrance exam. These are mostly for courses like Universities of Arts or Medical Universities.
• German Speaking Certificate: Students may also require to provide a certificate stating that they know and understand the German language.